Today I’m going to show you three big fashion mistakes that we can all Mike we were trying to Stalin out Clothes to Hide Belly and the skies and Billy fast.

How to hide belly fat dressing - Clothes to Hide Belly

How to hide belly fat dressing – Clothes to Hide Belly

Hi I’m surely and this is fabulous fifties a place where you can come to feel good about aging to enjoy the whole process and to learn new things to do bay and have now that you’re over fifty and if you are over fifty click subscribe and click the bill and you realize every time there’s a new video and they’ll all relate to you with every body shape no matter who you want our number one goal is to bring attention to the parts of our body that we like the most and type the on it away from the pot so we don’t like so I’m here in how to style an outfit to hide out Tommy is to bring attention to the possibility that we like the base which will minimize the tummy area and the I will be drawn away from it unfortunately one gift for menopause is at the beginning of a wife and a launcher really so women who have never had a problem with a belly and trying to conceal it Tommy before are now trying to work out what to do and how to fix it so I’m going to show you today the biggest mistakes that you can make and how to avoid the bottle this would be a great place to start with this series I’m going to do on body time because I think it will relate to a lot of you let’s get into the mistakes that we can make and I’ll show you how to fix them.
The number one mistake we make when we’re trying to hide in time we used to add things to ask Tommy often times we trying to conceal it but in actual fact what we’re doing is we’re bringing the on to it so what we can do is rip the skin off or build around that time into trying to minimize it but the outcome is that the human eye is drawn to the point of interest and in this case it’s the day talents what you’re trying to hide so it’s drawn to the Scott or drawn to the build around the time me other ways that we can make mistakes in this case is to use like a please around skirt because we think it’s going to give out Tommy more spice to break or will buy pants with plates at the front because we think that it’s going to give out Tommy more room to be more comfortable we think that the plates and the gathers I’m going to hide the bulge but what happens is the offices the human eye goes straight to the problem we go straight to the detail so how do we fix this well it’s not so difficult what we need to do is minimize any detail adult from the belly area we put to minimize any balk at the front so we with pants with flat fronts and zips at the side we with skirts with the plate starting below the timeline so the pot on the Tommy is flat and scheming and then the day telecoms below the timing and we were wearing jeans we wear it not much to Thailand all of the front in and jeans no pockets so anything fit and a high icon it’s going to pull that time mean and minimize so dot colors minimize and no detail minimizes we’re going to minimize any attention at all to this area by keeping it all flash.
The number two big mistake that we might is to wear high Nate boxy the size clothes I know this feels very comfortable and it feels like a kind of concealing everything pot it just makes us look that much bigger he’s examples where where where I live big dresses will be guy the size T. shirts we think we’re hiding a cell spot we’re covering all of that beautiful feminine code is and that’s the meaning of feminine itself curve so if we’ve got some because we’re going to show them off if we’re going to hide them we my councils like a big sack hi Nick tops ten to shorten on making area and then bulk up here and what we want to do to minimize out Tommy is to accentuate the good paths wearing large boxy tee shirts my house looks shapeless and I’ve made a video on a fashion rule about structure and flow and it’s really helpful if you haven’t already seen it all legally copies so you can have a look at that but we don’t want to have all these lines and structure to cover up and could be body if it doesn’t work and it makes you look bigger so what can you do instead of hiding yourself under all that fabric we’ll show you some photos he to illustrate and you’re going to get outside your comfort zone a little bit if you used to covering yourself up but you will enjoy wearing clothes this why is so much more you can emphasize your boss line with a great bra you want to create the illusion that the past is being up in the belly and even if you have to wear push up bra this will make a huge difference because then you can have the proportions all of the alkali sweet she’s the bigger boss small waist and be hips and that is ultimately what we’re always trying to achieve that look yeah via small lot via and once you put attention into this area and go to beautiful shape neckline the I will be drawn to that part of your body and then you allow the fab.
Right from the top all this good to scheme of your belly rather than cling to it an empire waist is also an amazing trick for these because this is quite often the smallest part of the body and this is the part that we want to draw the eye to so an empire Weiss is like a little why spend underneath the basket will make that pot of you little tiny so the I will go to that you’ve got something nice going on up here and then the fabric will flow and scheme of your Tommy and that will be the last thing that people will notice these looks are really soft and feminine and we don’t want to be ashamed about Tommy over going to do is make out Tommy and how body shape look as good as it can with a little bit of help from illusion and that’s perfectly okay all size shirts with ruching around the Tommy are really great to minimize so the I was going to go to the soul flow the fabric and that’s really pleasing to the eye and the number three big mistake we Michael we’re trying to style at Tommy is the office it to number two is when we wear clothes that are too clingy two times and showing way too much how close should scheme not stick his examples aha I make very tight skin tight dress on any body shape unless you like these is very uncomfortable to wear and it’s not elegant and not really suitable for our age group what can you do instead you can still wear tight clothes but only on the top or the bottom one in late choose one and then apply these rules if you choose a pencil skirt and you gonna go taught on the bottom make sure first that it’s flat at the front and then you pair it with the top that’s soft and feminine so you can either use a top we’ve some ruching around the tummy area or we can choose a top that has a beautiful neckline and an empire Weiss with the fabric softly flow.
I was over the tummy area and then we go into a nice pencil skirt or you could wear a fitted top where everything’s nice and tight all the way down to here you go to the smallest area and then the rest of the fabric is flowy it’s elegant and it will move so it’s gonna scheme I’ve your body the bottom Hafiz loose but the tall poppies time at our age adding a little bit of softness and mystery to an outfit can be very alluring we don’t need to go skin tight and dress the way that we did when we were in our twenties that’s not necessary anymore love your body and think it to getting you through every single day don’t face up on it if it’s not the exact perfect shape that you would line and instead enjoy experimenting with new and different styles let me know what your problem areas and let me know if you’d like me to include your forty times in the next video.

I’m sorry if this video was held to you and share it with any of your friends who have concerns about that to me thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful wake.