Save the date for NAMA Fair

Actions November 3, 2015 5:03 pm

UNFCCC secretariat, in collaboration with several partners, will be hosting a “NAMA Fair” in Paris on 2 December.

NAMAs stands for “Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions”. This can be any action that reduces emissions in developing countries and is prepared under the umbrella of a national governmental initiative.

In its second year, the NAMA Fair yet again promises to be an exciting event. A new movie about NAMAs will be presented, with the voice over provided by music artist Akon, who is also a co-founder of Akon Africa Lighting Initiative. In addition to hearing from a stellar line-up of high level dignitaries, the Fair will also hear from representatives of developing countries that are implementing transformational NAMAs to green their economies and contribute towards global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Participants can also expect to hear from key international organizations about the role of technical support in the design and implementation of NAMAs and about the crucial issue of how public and donor support can be structured to attract private investment needed for NAMA implementation. 175x247 agenda NAMA Fair small

A special discussion about the linkages between NAMAs and Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDCs) will also take place and participants will have the opportunity to reflect on ways to make optimal use of NAMAs so that they deliver as an instrument for successful implementation of mitigation measures in developing countries both in the pre and post 2020 climate regime.

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